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The Striptease Changed me, and my art.



Welcome to my world of art. To get you a little deeper in my picture, I want to share my story with you. Most of my twenties I was a bit of a mess. My physical and mental health were terrible, and I hit a wall around age 29/30. I hate to say breakdown, but there, I've said it!

Believe it or not, dancing naked stage and going wild on a pole beat any therapy I tried (and trust me I tried everything)

I gave in to who I was. I stopped resisting and listening to my mind telling me I was shameful and wrong. Once I gave into this practice, my health improved and the things I yearned for, naturally came into my life, without force.

I share this message because I want you to feel free. Not hindered and trapped by your conditioned beliefs or ideas. You are YOU, and what makes you feel alive will be different than the next person, so start living YOUR life. Saying no and disallowing what your instincts push you towards will only bring suffering and pain, which if ignored will only worsen over time.

Escape you mind. Work towards escaping your mind, that will set you free.

Enjoy the video



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