Bethany Perry was born and raised in Wiltshire, England, where from a young age demonstrated a love and passion for art and performance.


Bethany found a passion for makeup artistry whilst working as an illustrator,  and excelled in the industry, working with top designers, magazines and celebrities. Clients have included GQ, Kansai Yamamoto, Vivianne Westwood, RIMMEL London, Puma and code8 .​​ Although her drive to create never ceased, there was a strong discord that began to physically and mentally disconnect her with her true sense of self.

‘’I want to be authentic and true to who I am. In all honesty, what most people feel matters in the fashion/beauty industry doesn't really fit in with my own values. I'm not very good at kissing ass and cooing over the next bloody lip colour, quite frankly I couldnt give a flying fuck. I am a artist and I just wanted to be that, the industry somehow distracted me from my true self, It started to make me ill ,I needed to back away and get perspective’’ ​

In search to find her own balance, Bethany took to performing art and mastered the art of the striptease by night. working as an exotic dancer unleashed a wildness and freedom that to this day has great influence in her work.

Bethany loves to empower and personalise her work whilst inspiring others, she hopes her work can resonate with those who feel trapped and hindered by negative  patterns  that  cripple happiness and  cause disconnection.. 


''Unrealistic ideas and standards of 'beauty' are all around us, programming us, setting us up to feel discontent and inadequate, this untruth is destructive and damaging , my work is to shine a light on this fallacy and expose real beauty, which doesn't involve makeup and filters''

“I am constantly exploring and drawing on life experiences, the emotional relationship we have with social pressures, and the effect it can have on mental health and clarity. It is important  to encourage others to shake off social constraints, explore desires, erase fear, and be authentic"

 My work translates liberation,  self empowerment and overcoming, pulling away from destructive modern perceptions and projections of  beauty, success and happiness. I want to enchant and inspire others to see their own worth without self judgement & comparison, to be authentic and true to their own nature and form.’’​

​With an eye for the physical form, Bethany often focuses on body impressions, Digital Illustrations and nudes. Female empowerment and mental health are at the core of her creations.

​​Bethany is currently living and working in London.