Bethany Perry was born and raised in Wiltshire, England, where from a young age demonstrated a love and passion for art and performance.

As a self confessed non-conformist and Live performing exotic dancer, ​​Bethany found a beautiful balance with her talents, finding liberation in both arenas. From working with top Designers, such as Vivienne Westwood and Kansai Yamamoto, to perfecting the art of the strip-tease as a show girl, her artistic expression and energy spills onto canvas, speaking loudly and confidently.

Bethany loves collaborating to empower and personalise her work whilst aiding others, she opens and frees up hindering bondages that can cripple happiness and restrain personal growth. 

Explosive abstract pieces are another pleasure Bethany indulges in, they have always been an emotional release and therapy for her. She brings her canvas to life with embellishments and 3D designs, drawing on colour, light, texture and contrast using different materials, old and new.

“I am constantly exploring and drawing on life experiences, the emotional relationship we have with social pressures, and the effect it can have on mental health and clarity. It is important  to encourage others to shake off social constraints, explore desires, erase fear, and improve self esteem"

"movement and self expression freed me from so many mental chains. My work translates liberation and self empowerment, it celebrates the journey we all take to break free and become the best we can be"

​With an eye for the physical form, Bethany often focuses on a body impressions, abstract pieces and nudes. Female empowerment, body confidence and mental health are at the core of her creations.

​​Bethany is currently living and working in London.


Fashion, music, dance, and nature, influence my creativity. They're consistently evolving like I am. I feel grateful to be able to witness my own growth and development by looking at my work.

"My hope is that my story inspires others to follow their own truth and live life to the fullest"


Drawing on influences of her surroundings and experiences, Beth uses a striking colour palette. Contrast, texture and fluidity are expressed with flair and flamboyancy.

Beth is currently living in London.


©2018 by Bethany Perry, London, UK