Bethany was born and raised in Wiltshire England where from a young age demonstrated love and passion for art and dance.

After studying Illustration in Swindon, Beth freelanced and swiftly moved to London after graduating. Her love and connection with people steered her down the fashion road as a make-up artist and dancer.

Bethany found a beautiful balance with her talents, finding liberation and self expression in both areas. From working with top Designers, such as Vivienne Westwood and Kansai Yamamoto to perfecting the art of the strip-tease as a show girl, her love and passion is always expressed vividly and consistently.

"movement and self expression has freed me from so many self restraints, both mentally and physically. My work translates liberation and the journey we all take to break free and become the best of ourselves"

With an eye for the physical form, she often focuses on a body impressions.

Bethany is currently living in London, focusing on body impressions and Collage.


Fashion, music, dance, and nature influence my creativity. They're consistently evolving like I am. I feel grateful to be able to witness my own growth and development by looking at my work.


Drawing on influences of her surroundings and experiences, Beth uses a striking colour palette. Contrast, texture and fluidity are expressed with flair and flamboyancy.

Beth is currently living in London.


©2018 by Bethany Perry, London, UK