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This little info sheet is here to get you confident before you start slapping on that paint on and pressing!

Firstly, congratulations to you, what an incredible gift of self love you are about to embark on. The process behind this artwork is truly magical, and I hope you have fun creating them!

So where do we start, well first you need some equipment:

Paint (cheap acrylic or poster paint/kiddy paint, any colour will do!)

Paper (any paper will do! Even scraps of paper preferably white/off white/grey)

Protective sheet (on the ground in the room)

Sellotape (to adhere paper to the wall)


LATEX Gloves (incase you don't want paint on your hands)

There are no rules in how you do this, everyone seems to find their own preference, but I can explain how most tend to achieve the prints.

I don’t want you spending more than £5 on this.. If that! You may even have what you need knocking about the house. Could you ask a friend or family member for what you need? Be resourceful as really this process should not cost anything.

**I do sell Body Impression Kits for £25 if you Prefer, Click button Below..

So Let me break down this process in steps....


Prep the room. Make sure it's dog, cat and child free! Choose a room that's warm and private so you can give the process your full attention. Think of this as art therapy, it's your time to play and have some YOU time.

Lay the ground sheet on the floor in the area you will be working. Get your paint to hand and have 4-8 sheets of paper loosely piled in an easy to reach place.


Get Naked. If you are doing a full body impression it's everything off, if it's just the bust, you can keep anything below this middle on.


Apply the gloves (optional) and desense paint onto your hand. Try and aim for a shot size amount. Rub the paint all over the boob, boobs or body (depending on what you are going for)

Make sure the paint is not overly thick, you want one nice even coat and make sure the skin is fully covered.


Press! Once applied, press your body onto the paper. Now you can either floor press or wall press. I prefer a floor press but Many of my clients have opted for the wall press. Experiment with both and find your preferred, remember this should be a fun & playful practice!

Use the sellotape to adhere your paper to the wall, simply walk in and press. If you want to try the floor press, apply full weight on the floor and peel the paper off your body.

Don’t worry if you don’t like the first press, try another before you reapply the paint, then go in and add more.

When you're done, jump in the shower!


Allow your body impressions to completely dry, select 2 of your favorites, pile them together, roll them up, stick in a tube and post them to me:

Bethany Perry

Chestnut House

Chestnut Walk

Cold harbour Rd



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