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"Warrior": Harnessing Strength, Conquering Doubt, and Embracing Authenticity"

Meet "Warrior"

She's a simple yet powerful supersized body impression embellished with hand painted details, photographic accents, gold leaf and diamond dust, all sealed with a thick, sparkling resin finish.

Standing proud at 75x96cm, She demands attention with her reflective, bold presence.

What does it mean to be a warrior? It's not about flashy armor or loud battles. Instead, it's a quiet strength, a resilience that runs deep inside. "Warrior" reminds you to wear your courage proudly, for it's the battles you've faced that have shaped you.

Life's journey is often filled with challenges and pain, but "Warrior" offers a gentle reminder that there's beauty in growth. It's a humble tribute to those who keep pushing forward, despite the hardships and hinderances they face.

For many, myself included, the path has been marked by struggles with mental health. Hope became my guiding light, the belief that I could become the person I knew I was capable of being. For years I battled against the voices and beliefs that held me back, trapped by societal expectations and self-imposed limitations.

One of the most profound moments of liberation came when I confronted a deep-seated fear. At the age of 30, after years of suppressing my desires out of shame and societal judgment, I finally listened to my intuition. I made the bold decision to step into a world that had long beckoned me—a world of dance, of freedom, of expression. I backed away from being a Make-up artist and became an exotic dancer at one of the biggest and most renowned strip clubs in the world.

For six years, I graced the stage with performances that transcended mere movement; they were a cathartic release of suppressed frustrations and trauma. With each dance, I shed layers of shame and pain, rinsing away the burdens that had weighed me down for so long.

What I learned from this experience is profound: sometimes, the very things we are most afraid of, the things that society tells us to avoid or be ashamed of, are the very things that hold the key to our healing and liberation.

In embracing my true desires and breaking free from societal norms, I found a sense of empowerment and self-acceptance that I had never known before.

"Dancing in a nightclub" wasn't a career choice —it was a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing. It taught me the importance of listening to our innermost desires, even when they seem unconventional or taboo. It's a reminder that true freedom lies in embracing who we are, unapologetically and without reservation.

So, to all those on their own journey, remember: you have the heart of a Warrior. Embrace your strength, wear your scars with pride, and keep moving forward with quiet determination.

What you seek is seeking you, I truly believe that... you just need to listen and take the plunge.

Thanks for reading and being with me on this art journey, your support and love for my art means the world! it means I can keep talking about the work I do, and continue championing and inspiring you!

I hope to exhibit Warrior this year, so stay tuned for where she will be! I also have prints available of her if you would love to have her in your space, just go to may shop and view her there.

All my love, and have a wonderful week,

Beth x x


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