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life has this funny way of throwing you curveballs when you least expect it.

It's like you're constantly riding this rollercoaster of emotion, with highs that make you feel like you're 'good' and lows that can leave you feeling utterly defeated and rinsed.

lately, I've been thinking a lot about how others cope during shit times – the unbalanced hormones, the stress, the exhaustion – all the things that make us feel like we're loosing the plot.

I've come to realise (with age) that those moments of chaos and uncertainty are actually opportunities for growth and self-discovery. It's all about embracing that "Beautiful Chaos" – the idea that within the messiness of life, there's beauty.

But what about when you're totally 'in it' , that overwhelm and WTFness. What do you do? where do you turn?

When it comes to coping, I have a few 'go to's. I turn to painting, drawing, or writing to channel and express my feelings onto a canvas or a page.

Other times, you'll find me pounding a pavement, running like i'm being chased by a bear. And then there are those times when all I need to do is call a friend. It's all about finding what works to ease that discomfort and flush it out.

I've always been fascinated by the way our emotions ebb and flow like the tide. Just like the ocean, they can be calm and serene one moment, and tumultuous and unpredictable the next. And instead of pushing away the struggles and shadows, I've learned to hate on them less. Because inside those dark moments, often there's opportunity to shift.

You can't have light without darkness, the contrast gives you perspective. Our lows make the highs that much sweeter, and they give you a deeper appreciation for the beauty of life. And when you embrace your emotions – the good, the bad, and the messy – you gain a richer understanding of who you are.

I try to look for the messages in the chaos. Why is this not working? maybe I need to change this, forgive her or let go of that. It's bloody hard but I have a 'lean in'.

Its about trusting that the low feelings all part of what makes us beautifully human, and they arrive to steer in a better, more balanced direction..

We're in this together, we ALL feel this. We are all navigating life's storms with resistance.... But there's so much beauty that can come out of those whirlwind times, so many lessons, so much guidance.

Here's to embracing the beautiful chaos of life – together!

fancy a peek at my new piece? BEAUTIFUL CHAOS in all her glory can been seen here ...

Until next time,

All my Love,

Beth x x x


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