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"Everyone is just trying to be happy"

I was listening to a podcast with Fearne Cotton (love her) interviewing Jonny Wilkinson yesterday.

‘Happyplace’ is a staple podcast on my spotify, everything Fearne explores and speaks about is in sync with the narrative behind my own work.

Jonny said some words that stuck with me - “Everyone is just trying to be happy’’

I think this is a sentence to revert back to when you find yourself in comparison or judgment mode. Ultimately everyone is just seeking happiness in the way their own mind and body sees fit. If you see a fluffed up post on instagram of someone ‘living their best life’ (sorry I HATE that term) firstly that image does not equal what that person may really be experiencing, plus - EVERYBODY is here to learn and grow, NOBODY is exempt. This means EVERYBODY is experiencing suffering on some level.

If you are experiencing and acknowledging past trauma, triggers, unhealthy habits - well done you! That means you are actively seeking to release and understand why they are there. It's your work to de-layer trapped emotions, pain and traumas that congest your physical body. By doing this you lighten the emotional load and ‘level- up’. You grow, you change, you become a little lighter and a little bit happier.

Fancy clothes, luxury cars, filtered faces and heavy makeup masks a million things. It's impossible to know whether that person is ‘living their best life’, even if they regurgitate that silly line on a daily basis. In fact, i'd be more wary of personalities that repeat that line.

I've been in denial alot in my life. At the height of my makeup career on the outside I was ‘living my best life’, I was happy. It was all a massive mask that I didn't even realize I had clouding my own perception. My body gave me the big ‘fuck you’ towards the end of my twenties and it was only when I was forced to stop, all that congestion, all that bulid up of untrue beliefs and ideas reared their heads.

The rock bottom moments arrive because we haven't been authentic, we haven't been listening, we haven't been honoring our true nature. It's only when we strip back all that external fluff, the mask cracks and starts to fall off.

Always remember we are here to grow. Pay attention to the intuitive urges and don’t dismiss them. Remember everyone is just trying to be happy and so many people are wrapped up in materialistic distractions to mask a deep unease.

All you need to work on and be in competition with is YOURSELF. Your work is to level up and align with your true nature.

That is the road to real happiness.


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