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Dealing with Doubt


Doubt, that big fat feeling of ‘oh fuck..what am doing’ or ‘oh fuck, what the hell have I done?!’ It really can feel like the the dooms day of all emotions...If we allow it.

First of all, doubt is GOOD. All emotions are good. They teach us things.

Doubt forces us to re access situations, to re evaluate our decisions and get some clarity. Often doubt is triggered by a scenario, a person or numerous people. Some of these people we may trust and value, others we don’t.

Regardless of the trigger or the person that triggered it, the doubtful feelings you have are actually a universal force in response to a request. your request to shift and change, to grow.

As we journey through life we move through natural changes, deaths and rebirths. These are wonderful breakthroughs and they force us to grow (become better humans). But like growing pains they can be uncomfortable and tip us off balance.

Sometimes doubt accumulates, other times it comes out of the blue and slaps us in the face. You might feel a little crazy or surreal, this can be intense so ways to deal with this are as follows.

My advice is to feel the feelings, they are teaching you something. Don’t resist them, allow them and be patient, they will subside. Its easy to act irrationally when we are in a shit storm of doubt, but Its far more constructive to respond when your emotions start to stabilise.

STEP 1 is process these emotions and get some quiet time. Go for a walk, listen to your favourite tunes, call a mate, go help a friend, do whatever you can to get distracted and off the subject.

When we take this approach, the negative emotions we feel can be processed with compassion and kindness. The aim of the game to not to add additional stress to your system and gently get off the subject a little.

MEDITATION is amazing, there are hundreds of guided meditations online, find a practice that works for you. Try calming the thoughts and ease the nervous system by paying attention to the breath.You can always ask 'what do I need to learn' during your meditation, it will put your mind at ease.

My 3rd piece of advise is as easy as, SLEEP ON IT. When an emotion has momentum you don’t really have much control over it. Maybe you’ve noticed when you try to get control over a raging feeling its just gets bigger. When you sleep, you detach mentally and the momentum slows. So sleep on it and respond when the feeling has less heat.

Doubt is a feeling that causes us to question things, So do it, internally ask, ‘what do I need to know, what is this teaching me?’ Energetically the universe is responding to you and it will respond to things you question.

Doubt can be a wonderful emotion if the angle we approach it from is not of resistance or fear, but love, understanding and respect.

My husband is always reminding me to' ask myself..... 'is this situation im facing a fact or opinion'?

Back away from those feeding the doubt and get back to your true self because this is the only voice you should be listening to. At your core what does your heart and gut tell you, what are they feeling about this situation?

Remember any emotion is there to help you grow, its your friend. We all share these emotions and should never hide or suppress how we are feeling. The more open you are about how you feel the less resistance and tightness you will energetically hold. Bottling things up will only build pressure and caged emotions in your system will only cause anger and irritation. Not healthy.

Keep feeling your feelings, care about them, support them and find comfort in those that know and love you.

Alway remember emotions are life lecturers, all you need to do is listen and learn from them.

Be willing to change, let go of whatever you are holding on to and trust that life’s got your back. Because it has.



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