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 "Find Me" is a transcendent piece featuring a origanl gold leaf female torso impression, topped on a dark navy backdrop, laced with diamond dust. The body, intricately covered in gold leaf, is encased in a reflective resin, casting a captivating, luminous sheen.


This piece represents the profound journey of rising from darkness to embrace one's truth. The interplay of gold, navy, and diamond dust symbolizes the transformative process, inviting viewers to contemplate their own emergence from adversity. "Find Me" is a shimmering bow to resilience, capturing the essence of personal revelation and empowerment within its shimmering depths.


Original artwork

Medium: Acrylic, glitters on canvas with resin finish

Total dimensions: 17” x 17” (43cm x 43cm)

FRAMED - Gold tray frame



    Bethany Perry Ⓒ 2023

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