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New Media collage

Limited edition 

Giclee Print


100 Limited editions


I didn't like letting this Original go.. so I decided to immortalise her...

That's right, 'F%*k Me Harder' is now available in a super high quality Giclee print!

This piece is a personal one... I created it when I was pretty, well .. F%*ked mentally and physically. To the point I had to leave London and recoup back home with my parents. It was a shit chapter and I had a lot of frustration pouring over onto my art during that time.

This was more a middle finger to life, goading life to fuck me harder.


She's a powerhouse piece and she has so much strength and determination... of course I didn't see this at the time.

So here she is for you.. whenever you need that extra strength and fight to push through.


**availible in three sizes**