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Bethany Perry is a London based multidisciplinary artist who reveals the raw essence of beauty through her evocative creations. Her work captures the human form & emotions in mixed media, paintings, digital collage, and intimate body impressions, striking a balance between abstraction and naturalism. Bethany's work can be found in galleries across London & the UK and her work has been featured in high profile exhibitions across London in Soho, Battersea, Hampstead, and Notting Hill.


"As an artist, my mission is to create a space where self-acceptance and self-empowerment flourish. Through the lens of self-reflection, I use body impressions to help others see themselves from a new perspective, free from the constraints of mirrors and societal judgments. It's about embracing our true selves, overcoming self-sabotage, and nurturing a positive self-image. I believe that true empowerment begins when we let go of external ideals and celebrate the beauty that resides within us."



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