Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams


'Sweet Dreams'


 Giclee Print

 signed and numbered

 50 editions available

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Observing my dreams lately, and how they make me feel. Frustrated and dissatisfied, bound and confined. Emotions and feelings I would rather not wake to, but all these feelings are laced with hope and  shimmers of change. It reminds me to get more present in the now, distract myself from fixating on the bad stuff, and to have gratitude whilst reaching for more. The colours and energy in this piece improves my mood and sprinkles a little magic on my morning....I'm pretty sure the silhouette of the cupcake contributes to that in a big way. 'Sweet dreams' was created to uplift and distract from those 'negative feels', I have one hanging in my bedroom so it works on me as soon as I wake up. The perfect little medicine in a picture.


Beth x 



    ©2018 by Bethany Perry, London, UK