'Camilla '


100x12cm canva

acrylic, glitters and Resin finish


Camilla is the second edition to my 'Big Impression' collection. Inspired by smaller body impressions, these paintings are huge and have quite the presence.


 Named after the incredible Australian designer  Camilla Franks, this piece is vibrant, loud and lights up the room.


I was fortunate enough to work with with Camilla in 2018 and 2019, known as the  'queen of the Kaftan', she is also a cancer survior and contunies to fight the illness. I am always inspired by her passion and courage.


Camillas energy and spirit fuelled this painting and I am reminded of this incedible women whenever I look at it. This one is for you Camilla, a true wonder women who lights up the darkest of rooms. 


all my love