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Body Impressions


If I could show you your TRUE beauty by debuting your body in a way you have never seen, what would that be worth?



These original body impressions allow you to truly appreciate your authentic beauty in ways you never thought possible. Here, we celebrate the physical body with your very own body impression, embellished to the 9’s with acrylics, inks, glitters and resin.


"I can't remember a day when I haven't looked at my body and wanted to change it. This artwork changed that for me. I felt empowered and beautiful. Thank you for helping me to accept my body as it is. This artwork will be a constant reminder to love myself, for that I am forever grateful"





Bethany creates unique body impressions, personalised and uniquely YOU, and don’t worry, she provides an easy step by step guide on HOW to create the initial impressions, in the comfort of your own home. Once you create the imprints, you simply roll them up and pop them in the post!

Prices start at £295 for a single resin finished 8x8inch boob

Lips are priced at £60 for a 8x8CM canvas 

full bust and torso are also available on request


Please email Bethany direct for a quotation

*International shipping costs apply*

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